About Schillings

Since 1945, Schillings has provided Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with the means to build great residential homes and projects with solid advice, products, and a neighborly attitude. Our great-grandfather planted the foundation for a century of family successes and commitment.

Our mission has surpassed the test of time and even grown stronger. With added services, newly refreshed showrooms, a fleet of trucks, long list of quality services, and a renewed brand identity, this third generation of Schilling Brothers is on track to keep the family legacy and dedication to growth in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland residential construction growing strong.


Schillings long list of services is our true differentiation. When Schillings is put to the test by homeowners, contractors, and the community, we strive to be second to none when it comes to services. Our long history in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland has not only helped to grow our passion for people and our neighbors, but it has also helped us to build a long retained, dedicated team of leaders and experts in our field right here in our showroom. Great Grandpa Schilling would be proud.

Our sales staff is trained to review your project with you and make enhancements and cost-cutting recommendations as well as check for local building code compliance. If you would like to see any additional services or care to learn more about our existing, give us a call. We are always working toward improved customer experiences.


Helping out customers as well as contractors has always been a goal of ours. Some competitors like to focus on one or the other. Schillings, on the other hand, understands the importance of reaching out and making the purchasing experience as easy and affordable as possible for all parties involved. Serving the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area since 1945 has proven that we have it down and our customers and contractors have been happy and reliable to Schillings from the start.

Our Mission: To give our customers what they want on time and error free!

Start your new project today

Are you ready to begin a project and need some advice? The choices available are extensive. Manufacturer, construction, color, and style are just a few of the decisions that you will have to make. Visit our showroom and talk with a trained professional.

Share your visions, dreams, and ideas with our staff and let them advise you on your project and purchase. Helping you choose the right look, style, and materials to fit into your project is our goal. Whether a new home, kitchen, bath or office, we understand what you want and more importantly, what you need to complete your project. Let one of our specialists help you with your decisions. Schillings can make your selections easy and affordable. After all, this purchase will be an investment in your principal asset, your home.

Areas of Expertise

Roof & Floor Truss Design and Prefab Wall Panels
Structural Consulting
Energy Efficiency Suggestions
Code Compliance for Windows & Doors
Architectural Suggestions
Kitchen Design
Bath Design
Deck Design
Interior Office Design
Help with Flooring Selection

Local Delivery

Local Delivery in Northwest Indiana & Chicagoland

With a fleet of over 70 vehicles including box trucks, flatbeds, and even a semi, Schillings is equipped to deliver jobs of any size throughout nearly all of Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. There is no commercial or residential job that Schillings can’t supply.

If you can't find what you're looking for online, be sure to reach out to a chat specialist or give us a call. Many products might not be listed online yet, and we are standing by to help you find the right product for your job!


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