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In-Stock Spring Orchard Vanities

Our 4 In-Stock complete vanity lines are ready for your home or job site TODAY. It is as simple as coming to visit our showroom, choosing yours style and size, and then picking up your vanity from our Cedar Lake Distribution Center all before the kids get out of school. Schillings understands that no one wants to be held up with waiting for items to come in to complete projects such as a bathroom remodel, which is why we have developed our Schilling Exclusive In-Stock Furniture Vanities.

All of our In-Stock Cabinetry lines are proudly made in the USA in our home state of Indiana.

Spring Orchard cabinetry is proudly made in Nappanee, Indiana and our Homecrest line is made in Goshen, Indiana, all with the highest quality standards.

The cabinet line options range from entry-level to premium cabinet lines and cover many different options for any budget. There are nearly unlimited ways to create a unique look that is all your own for the kitchen, bath, or any other area of your home. Did we mention they are all IN-STOCK and ready to take home?

With four colors to choose from, you will not have any issues finding the perfect fit for your new kitchen or project. These in stock cabinets are unique and offer a style that can’t be replicated. Whether you are looking for base cabinets, wall cabinets, vanities, utility cabinets, or the whole package, Schillings will have it!

We think you’ll agree Schillings exclusive In-Stock Cabinetry make for one of the finest and most affordable cabinetry options in the industry. With an appealing design and great price, there is no way to avoid considering them for your next build. When you take a closer look, the choice is easy.

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In Stock Vanities

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