Blanco Kitchen Sinks & Kitchen Sink Accessories

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen nowadays, don’t you think you should have a sink that works just as hard as you do? Schillings does which is why we offer a variety of kitchen sinks and kitchen sink accessories from Blanco.

Blanco is a leader in kitchen sinks and kitchen sink accessories. They have designed a multitude of labor-saving, highly durable,  and highly-functional sinks.  These sinks have been designed with you in mind.  Whether you are looking for something that compliments the Chef in you or if you are in need of a sink that cuts down the time you spend cleaning up after your family so you can spend more time with them, Blanco has what you need. You can now get Blanco Sinks in 3 different, durable materials: stainless steel, their patented Silgranit, and fireclay.

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