Frequently Asked Questions


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Will Schillings deliver my kitchen and bath order?
Schillings will locally deliver all kitchen and bath orders via our box trucks. Click Here to see if your home or job site is within our delivery zone.

If you are not in our local delivery zone, Schillings offers national shipping to the lower 48 states via FexEx delivery, with the exception of products over 6' in length. If your materials are longer than 6' in length, please contact us for possible shipping options.

Do we need to make an appointment to come in if we want to design a kitchen or bath?
You do not need an appointment, but it is highly recommended. Designing a kitchen can take some time, and the designers may be busy. Because of this, you could be waiting if you have not made an appointment.

What do I need to bring to my initial meeting with a designer?
You should bring basic measurements of the rooms needed to be designed. This includes wall lengths, windows, appliances, doorways, and electrical outlets. In addition to the measurements, photos are also helpful to help give your designer a better understanding of your space.

Does Schillings install cabinets, countertops, flooring, etc.?
No, we do not do any installations, though we can provide you with a list of installers in the area that we recommend.

Will Schillings send someone out to measure our kitchen and bath before placing the order?
Yes. Once the design is created, and an estimate has been made, we will send our measure technician to your home to do a final measure of your space to ensure correct measurements. This has a non-refundable, $100 service charge included with the order. If you wish to provide your own measurements, Schillings will not be responsible for cabinets that don’t fit or other errors caused by inaccurate measurements.