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Hardwood flooring has been used for countless years to add beauty, sustainability, and value to homes all across America. Schillings carries solid and engineered hardwood flooring in a wide variety of finishes. We are always bringing in more styles and colors of flooring so our customers can find exactly what they want at unbeatable prices. We carry in stock White Oak, Ash, and Hickory hardwood flooring! All of these options are expanded even further with all of the different plank widths and finishes available. Whether you are looking for a modern look, a contemporary look, or anything in between Schillings has the selection inventory to provide you with the flooring of your dreams.

What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?

Solid Hardwood is timber that is used for flooring for aesthetical or structural reasons.  Hardwood has been used as a popular choice for flooring for years and comes in many different styles, colors, species, and cuts.

Engineered Hardwood uses two or more pieces of wood adhered together, usually at a 90-degree angle to add stability, to form a plank. It then has a thinner layer, of usually more expensive, wood bonded to the core.  Because of the added stability, engineered hardwood can be used on many different types of subfloors and can be installed above or below grade.



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