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Schilling is happy to announce that we now have Silver Line 5800 Series Patio Doors IN STOCK and ready for your new project or home today! You can come and see the patio door for yourself as it is on display at our St. John, IN location. If you are looking for an affordable patio door that is top of the line quality, you will find the 5700 (w/blinds) and 5800 Series Door to be exactly what you need.



Silver Line 5800 Series In Stock Patio Door

The popular Silver Line® 5800 Series sliding patio door offers a sturdy, elegant and energy efficient design. Engineered to eliminate drafts and slide smoothly, this door is ideal for your home. The color is consistent throughout the frame and door panels which makes scratches nearly invisible.

silverline 5800 series patio door in stockFeatures

  • Simple, flat design blends with any décor
  • Designed with durable, self-leveling rollers to make opening this door smooth and effortless
  • Fusion-welded, heavy duty vinyl frame and panels for a sturdy and durable door
  • Interlocking panels create a weather tight seal against drafts
  • Standard tempered safety glass helps reduce the risk of injury
  • Fully assembled for fast and easy installation
  • A multi-point lock operates from a single lever for easy and secure locking
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified with the appropriate energy efficient options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty offers peace of mind

In Stock Patio Door Options and Pricing

$34 | 6/0 x 6/8 Screen Door

$499 | 6/0 x 6/8 Patio Door (5800 series)

$569 | 6/0 x 6/8 Patio Door with Grills (5800 series)

$899 | 6/0 x 6/8 Patio Door with Blinds (5700 series)


For more information, visit a Schilling showroom today and speak with one of our expert door salespeople.


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