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About Azek Premium PVC Decking

Azek Decking is designed to be extremely durable and last for years while being low maintenance.  They are committed to delivering high-performance materials that withstand the test of time. Never needing to be sanded or stained, you can now spend less time maintaining your deck and more time enjoying it.

One of the great benefits of AZEK Decking is its durability.  This decking resists mold, mildew, stains, and scratches.  You will never have to worry about your deck splintering, material defects, or damages from termites and rot.  To add to this piece of mind, this product comes backed with a 30-year Limited Fade & Stain warranty.  You will have a deck that is sure to last!

Shop AZEK Premium Decking Below

Featured Harvest Collection Decking

  • Azek Harvest Collection Brownstone Deck Solid 20′

    $3.69 Lin/ft
  • Azek Harvest Collection Brownstone Solid 16′

    $3.69 Lin/ft
  • Azek Harvest Collection Slate Gray Fascia 12′ x 12″


Featured Arbor Collection Decking

  • Azek Arbor Collection Autumn Chestnut Fascia 12″ x 12′

  • Azek Arbor Collection Mountain Redwood Grooved 20′

    $4.49 Lin/ft
  • Azek Arbor Collection Hazelwood Grooved 12′

    $4.49 Lin/ft
  • Azek Arbor Collection Autumn Chestnut Grooved 16′

    $4.49 Lin/ft

Featured Vintage Collection Decking

  • Azek Vintage Collection Dark Hickory Grooved 12′

    $4.99 Lin/ft
  • AZEK Vintage Collection 20′ Solid Edge Coastline

    $4.99 Lin/ft
  • AZEK Vintage Collection 11-3/4″ X 12′ Riser Coastline

  • AZEK Vintage Collection 20′ Solid Edge English Walnut

    $4.99 Lin/ft

Featured Azek Decking Accessories