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Choose from Schillings fine selection of QuickShip countertops! Granite and quartz tops are available, along with multiple options for your edge choices. Choose from a variety of colors, from white and popular grey tones to deep browns, blacks, and yellows. Luxury comes to your home in the form of a stone countertop!

Granite is known for its unique color patterns and general unpredictability. Two slabs may not look the same, and that can bring a huge rush of color and urgency to an otherwise bland kitchen, bathroom, or bar area. Granite has a high scratch resistance, as well as a high heat resistance, although these countertops are not scratch or heat-proof, so plan accordingly. It is highly suggested that the owner use a high-quality sealer on the countertops yearly.

Quartz is known for being as durable as granite, but much more predictable in terms of patterns. Quartz also does not require sealing as a maintenance issue. It is also more susceptible to heat-related issues.

Visit any showroom today to see samples and displays of most of our countertops selections!