80 Lb. Sakrete Premix Type S Mortar


  • 1,800 psi
  • Just add water
  • Meets property requirements of ASTM C1714 and ASTM C270
  • Ideal for projects requiring structural strength for brick and block foundations
  • Applications from 1/4″ to 1/2″
  • Approximate 60-minute working time
  • Can be used for above and below grade applications

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Sakrete Premix Type S Mortar is a preblended mixture of sand and masonry cement or sand, lime and portland cement. For laying brick, block and stone in load-bearing walls and below grade applications. Mortar Mix Type S is used to build walls, planters, and chimneys, and for tuck pointing or repairing existing mortar joints. It can also be used for scratch coat, brown coat, and finish of walls.

Perfect For:

  • Laying brick or block
  • Scratch and brown coat in stucco applications
  • Above grade and below grade applications
  • Masonry parge or finish coating
  • Interior or exterior
  • Brick and block tuck pointing

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Weight 80.00 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 4.5 × 16 in

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