Paslode TetraGRIP Subfloor Fastening Nailer


  • Eliminates subfloor nail squeaks
  • Reduces costs related to call backs
  • Increases productivity on the jobsite
  • Raises homeowner satisfaction
  • Superior Withdrawal Resistance
  • Compact design fits into tight spots
  • Dual mode trigger easily switches from single or rapid cycles
  • Metal exhaust cap for maximum durability
  • Cushioned grip for all-day comfort

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A breakthrough in subflooring installation, the Paslode TetraGRIP Subfloor Fastening Nailer eliminates subfloor squeaks and the potential for warranty callbacks. The pneumatic nailer drives specially designed 2-3/8″ TetraGRIP fasteners. The nails have a barbed, tetra-helical shank that rotates into wood, for “rotation without destruction.” The fastener creates a chemical bond with wood, resulting in superior withdrawal resistance. For greater customer satisfaction, fewer callbacks, and quieter floors, this is the subflooring nail gun to use.

This innovative subflooring nail gun has a compact design for navigating tight spaces and a cushioned grip for all-day comfort. The TetraGRIP Subfloor Fastening Nailer drives approximately three times faster than traditional screws. The dual-mode trigger offers bump and sequential firing, and the nailer features tool-free drive depth adjustment. Thanks to the holding power of the subfloor fasteners, this nail gun dispenses with the gluing process, turning three installation steps into one.

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Weight 8.25 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 5 × 13.5 in

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