Cortex for Azek Traditional Trim – 50 Linear Feet by Fastenmaster


  • Fast and easy: eliminates the need to calk, sand and paint each nail hole
  • Plugs made out of same AZEK material as trim; eliminates fading or streaking
  • Can be painted with PVC approved paint
  • Guaranteed corrosion resistance for the life of the project
  • Packaging comes with everything needed; screws, plugs, and setting tool

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Save time, money, and labor costs! Cortex for AZEK Trim is the only concealed fastening system to quickly, easily fasten AZEK PVC Trim to your building project. Cortex for AZEK eliminates the need to caulk, sand and paint every single nail hole! The unique bit sets screws below the surface and plugs made out of AZEK trim tap right in for a clean, flush finish. No mess and or fading over the life of the project. Plus, Cortex fasteners offer a stronger connection than nails. Box comes packed with everything needed to install 50 lin. ft. of AZEK Trim – screws, plugs, and setting tool.

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