Trex Protect Joist Tape


  • Easy and simple installation
  • Acts as a barrier between wood and galvanized metal such as joist hangers
  • Helps deck screws hold longer and stronger
  • Eliminates splitting from freeze and thaw
  • Provides a non-skid surface making it safer during installation
  • Self-adhesive butyl material will not crack or harden
  • Suitable to use for treated, non-treated and synthetic wood

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Trex Protect is a non-skid, self-adhesive deck flashing tape that is designed to shield the tops of joists, rim joists, beams and ledger board from moisture that can lead to the development of rot and wood decay and the loosening of deck screws and fasteners.

Trex Protect works on horizontal and vertical surfaces and is applied as a “cap” (vs. wrapping), which allows the wood to breathe. This butyl-based, self-adhesive tape is superior to asphalt-based joist tape and beam tape because it won’t bleed, dry out as quickly, or curl up and hold water. As a result, it acts as a moisture barrier between wood and galvanized metal commonly used in construction hardware.

Trex Protect Tape has a non-skid surface making it easier and safer to walk across during construction. Trex Protect is a simple and cost-effective solution to combating the damaging effects of both Mother Nature and Father Time.

Also available in Beam Tape.

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1.625 × 6 in

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