Fastenmaster Collated Cortex Hidden Plug Fasteners for Trex Decking – Beach Dune (100 ln/ft)


  • Recommended Color-Matched Plug Fasteners for use with Square Edge Deck Boards
  • Cortex Concealed Fastening System for Trex Decking
  • Each box includes 224 screws, 300 plugs and 2 setting tools – 100 linear feet of coverage!
  • Conceals fasteners for the entire deck, including first and last boards, breaker boards, perimeter and stairs
  • Strong connection between deck boards and joists
  • New thread design reduces installation torque and dramatically increases fastener strength
  • Plugs are made from Trex deck boards, ensuring plugs match the decking
  • Spotter Lid required for proper spacing

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