TrapEase 3 in Trex Beach Dune 100 sq/ft by Fastenmaster


The same screw can be used in PVC, capstock, or composite decking.
Durable Torx Ttap drive system won’t strip or cam out.
Painted heads of screws blend with any brand of board.
Each 350 pc bucket includes a spotter installation guide for precise screw placement and board spacing.

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TrapEase3 screws are guaranteed to create a clean finished look without predrilling in all three types of synthetic decking: composite, PVC, and capstock. Torx TTAP drive system offers unmatched stick-fit and wobble-free installation, eliminating fastener stripping during installation or removal. Includes Spotter Installation Guide lid, engineered to increase fastener installation speed and accuracy and 1-Torx TTAP bit for approx 100 sq. ft. Anti-fade head paint- Beach Dune.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in



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