Camo Lever – Deck Board Bending and Locking Tool


  • Strong enough to straighten any warped board—from unruly pressure treated to dense hardwood
  • Speeds up grooved deck installations—lock-in rows of boards and clips to quickly fasten
  • Tool adjusts to single, double, and metal joists for maximum job site versatility
  • Multi-directional handle sets in one turn, providing powerful torque with minimal effort
  • Use LEVER with any deck board, and for the best clip installation, use 2–4 across the length of the deck

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CAMO LEVER isn’t your average board bender. Why? Because it straightens warped boards effortlessly, and also locks-in rows of boards and clips, all while keeping spacing consistent. It’s the one-turn tool to build a better deck. No matter the board type—pressure treated, hardwood, composite, PVC—LEVER locks them all in place. Plus, it adjusts to single, double, and metal joists so you can use it for every install. Get more done with fewer crew members thanks to LEVER. Lay your boards down, set the tool on the joist, and lock them in, then you’re free to fasten. You can even build a deck by yourself.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

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