Tramex WME Wood Moisture Encounter Kit


  • Measures up to 6.9% Moisture Content in Concrete.
  • Hold function “freezes” meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible.
  • Attaches to a relative humidity Hygro-i probe for in situ testing of concrete and ambient conditions.
  • 7% to 40% Moisture Content measurement in Wood using Pin-type probe attachment.

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The Tramex WME Wood Moisture Encounter is a non-destructive moisture meter for Wood with attachment available for pin-type resistance probe measurement. It’s one of the most advanced wood moisture meters available on the market. It’s unique in that it can give precise moisture measurements in both non-invasive and invasive measurement modes for wood and wood based products. Co-planar electrodes are fitted on the base of the instrument from which low frequency signals are transmitted into the material being tested, measuring the change in impedance caused by the presence of moisture. This reading is translated by the instrument into a moisture content reading.


Non-destructive testing of moisture content in wood, tracing moisture in wood based products.

Pin-probe plug-in attachment (optional) for moisture content in wood and an indication of moisture conditions in wood based products.

Kit Includes: WME Wood Moisture Meter, Heavy duty pin type wood probe, and easy-travel case.

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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 9.5 × 3 in

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