Statuary Unity Quartz

$89.00 sq/ft

Features grey veining smooth, flowing movements with clean edges on a modern white background
Sold per square foot
Pricing does not include sink cuts, sealer, or additional accessories
Lifetime maintenance free!


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Dazzle in design with charming details which embody the luxury of the finest marble. The grey veining in Statuary Unity features smooth, flowing movements with clean edges on a modern white background, lending a sophisticated elegance to the overall visuals. This look allows you to create elegant styles with outstanding durability.
Purchasing granite/quartz from Schillings:

  • View items online or in either of our showrooms!
  • Visit either showroom with rough measurements. Your rough measurements will allow us to give you a quote!
  • Rent samples, choose your favorite!
  • Purchase the suggested square foot of material, plus accessories from your kitchen/bath designer
  • Partnered fabricators will measure your kitchen/bath to confirm measurements
  • The difference in material costs is communicated and handled between you and your salesperson
  • Roughly 3 weeks from this point, you will be contacted by the fabricator to schedule install!

Additional items not included, but suggested:

  • Sink + Faucet cuts
  • Range top cuts
  • Sealing (Granite only – Highly Suggested)
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Outlet cut outs
  • Countertop removal (for existing countertops)
  • Steel brackets for overhangs
  • Delivery to basement, second floor or above

These three edge profiles can be chosen for no additional cost.

*Ogee, Half Bullnose, and Full Bullnose available for an additional charge per lin/ft.


Q: How much is required to get this whole process moving?
A: Estimating your countertops from your provided measurements is free, and then 100% down is required to move beyond that.

Q: What happens if I pay for a certain amount of feet, but need less?
A: It is often the case that what you quoted and what you need is different! If you are quoted for more than you need, you’ll be refunded the difference. If you’re quoted for less than you need, you’ll be asked to cover the difference in cost before the material is scheduled for an install

Q: When do I need to purchase my sink?
A: Ideally, you’ll purchase your sink, strainers, faucet and additional accessories either before or at the time of countertop purchase. The sink and faucet MUST BE ON SITE when the fabricators come to complete their field measure. We carry a vast selection of sinks, faucets, and strainers at the best prices in the market!

Q: Will they hook up my sink?
A: If the sink is a strict undermount (not dual mount or top mount), which is suggested for any stone, the fabricator will mount it for you to your countertop. They will not attach any plumbing. That will be up to the homeowner.

Q: I purchased a sink cut! Can I have the piece they cut out?
A: Unfortunately, due to the way tops are cut, that piece often breaks when the cut for your undermount sink is made. Cutting boards and lazy susans are available for purchase. Ask your kitchen/bath salesperson to have one quoted for you!

Q: Is sealer required?
A: While not required on most granite, it is highly suggested to get maximum longevity, durability, and beauty out of your granite. Some tops will require a sealer no matter what. Quartz does not require any sealer and is lifetime maintenance free.

Q: What is the biggest difference between granite and quartz?
A: The biggest difference will be in the color pattern. Many granites have a unique color palette that renders them unpredictable and a bit wild. Quartz is often consistent and will carry a mostly predictable pattern. Granite will also require a sealer to fill the pores present in the natural stone. Quartz will not require a sealer.

Q: Are these tops unscratchable?
A: While the material is extraordinarily difficult to damage, it can still occur.

Q: What about heat?
A: Barriers between hot items and the countertop should be used. Trivets, heat pads, etc. are all acceptable.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1.5 in
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